Simple Gardening Tips Suitable For Everyone

Not everyone has access to the ground needed to put in a garden. If you’re among them, this doesn’t mean you have to forgo the joys of gardening. Container gardening makes it possible for everyone to have some homegrown produce.

Where to Grow Now

For apartment dwellers, a balcony that has sun exposure throughout the day will work for most plants. Decks and porches are good spots for those who just have small yards. Exposure to sunlight means you can have plants.

The containers you choose to plant in can be almost anything, so indulge your crafty side. Containers should have good drainage and enough space for the plants to grow. Other than that, the sky is the limited.

What to Grow

Most plants can adapt themselves to container gardening. There are some varieties which do better than others. A local nursery can help you choose the best plants for your setting.

Besides the typical plant options, there are some interesting and useful plants you can grow. Herbs take very well to containers. Their use is a convenient way to add bold flavors to meals.

Aloe plants are hardy. The oil that their leaves secrete is great moisturizer, helping to heal burns and minor scratches. It is the ultimate first aid plant.

How to Grow

Container plants need some extra attention because water and nutrients get used up quickly. You will need to routinely replenish both to keep plants healthy.

When feeding your container plants, you need to add fertilizer. It can be added with spikes, pellets or in a liquid form. Combine watering and fertilizing together to optimize the rate of absorption.

Water for container plants can be either a savior and a killer. Container plants depend on you for water, but it is possible to over water them. Try to add less water more often until you have a good feel for the needs of your plants.

Some container plants will need to be transplanted at some point. As the plant grows, so does the root system and its spacing needs. A greenhouse can give you guidelines on when plants should be upgraded to a larger home.

Container gardening is great way to indulge your productive hobby and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You don’t need as much space, nor do you have to invest as much preparation time. So you get the benefits of your labor with somewhat less effort.