Landscaping Tips for Water Feature

A pond, fountain, and any water feature never fail to catch attention. Its natural beauty surely uplifts one’s spirit and creates unexplainable attachment with nature.

One of the things you should consider is the landscape. The landscape affects the entire feel and look. It’s important to assess your budget and needs first before laying out the plan.

The location is crucial. The pond, waterfall, or fountain should be built in a place where the family and guests will enjoy it, and free from obstacles that could ruin your precious pond or fountain. A level ground is important to any water feature. The water surface should be levelled although the surface is not.

Moreover, check the existing landscape if can affect your water feature. Don’t place the pond or waterfall near deciduous trees because leaves and twigs tend to fall off the water and decay, causing unsightly algae on the surface.

The size of the yard should complement the size of the water feature. A big water feature looks awkward in a small yard, while a small water feature can be too boring in an open and huge yard. It’s purely common sense to build