Organic Gardening Tips

Are you are thinking of starting to plant your own organic garden? If so, there are some tips you need to know. When you think of organic gardening you may think you just have to plant your garden and not use any chemicals or pesticides. There is more to organic gardening than that.

Organic gardening includes creating an ecosystem for your garden. This means that you will need to plant fennel, alyssum, cumin, dill and ammi majus in your garden to attract ladybugs, lacewings and other healthy bugs. The healthy bugs will eat the pests that try to ruin your garden. This is a wonderful replacement of the chemical way to prevent pests.

To help your garden soil feed the plants you want to flourish, you can do so by adding as much organic matter to the garden as you can. By doing this you will feed the organisms in your soil. The organisms break down the organic matter in your garden and this will feed the plants you are trying to grow.

Another excellent tip is to make your own compost. By making your own compost you will help keep your kitchen clean and organized as well as highly nourish the soil. Compost is anything that can be broken down. You can put your old fruits, vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, fish, mushrooms, etc., into a pile to become compost. Compost is a very rich soil and is needed for organic gardening.

To help keep pests away you may want to plant some garlic cloves in your organic garden as this will help to keep the pests away. Although you do want to make sure that you have some pests coming to the garden so that the ladybugs come back for food. Do not be surprised if you see some damage from bugs in your organic garden. This is only natural. The ladybugs will help take care of the bugs harming your garden in no time.

Stop paying the high prices of fruits and vegetables from grocery stores that are organically grown. Once you create your own compost and ecosystem, you can have your very own organic garden. Keep your family and yourself healthy by eating from an organic garden.