Landscaping Tips to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Just because you have a small yard, doesn’t necessarily mean you get small landscaping results. When it comes to landscaping ideas, there are many options to choose from without breaking the bank. The important key step is to have a well drawn out plan. This includes having the right plants and designs to flow nicely in your space. One feature that you might have to step away from is anything large like a boulder or pond, due to the size of your space. However, you can still get spectacular results.

Small Spaces

A good tips for those with small spaces is to consider building up instead of building out. How you can accomplish this is by using beds to raise the height of your plants. it’s fairly easy to build one and it will save some money in the long run. Remember, the good thing is that smaller yards typically needs smaller budgets.

Raised Beds and Plant Containers

By using raised beds, you are able to maximize and highlight the plant in your yard with having to plant wide. These beds can be made of wood and can also be made to be movable with wheels on the bottom. Another tip for small spaces is to use plant containers. Plant containers offer a good alternative to planting in large sections in your lot. By using containers, you can separate your plant and grow them base on different criteria. Again, you can also move your plant if you ever needed to. They also take up less space as well.

Colors Are Important

Colors play an important role in landscape design. There are actually colors that make your space look and appear bigger. Blue hues and cooler color plants and shrubs can make your space look bigger. In addition, plants like evergreens place strategically can make your yard feel bigger. Other foliage to consider are the Alberta Pine and Blue Spruce. The Alberta pine tree is a good choice because it’s compact in size and tends to spread itself nicely.

A Rock Garden

Granted large boulders should not be part of any small space, you can add a small rock garden to add texture to the design. A well laid out rock garden can add class and sophistication to your garden and landscape. However, keep in mind that leaf blowers and lawn mowers will need to be able to move around this garden element.

The best place for a rock garden is either against the house or a corner space. Another thing to consider is the type of rocks in the design. Be sure to consider the overall theme, in order to have the stones and plants blends together. Less is more. Your rock garden doesn’t need to be overpowering. Something simple will do just fine.


You can also consider adding some outdoor accent or spot lights to help enhance certain elements in your landscaping. Solar lights offer low voltage and overall subtle illumination in the evening. If you have a path or walkway, you can also add lighting to help bring together both the form and the function of front yard. These are just a few tips to help maximize your outdoor space despite the small space. Why not try out some of these tips and see how you can extend your living space outside. You will not only impress your guests but also increase the value of your home.