How to Implement a Landscape Design

Once you’re done finalizing your landscape design, it’s time to start the process and perform the actual work. Simply follow these five steps below to help you implement your design properly and effectively.

5 Steps to Implementing a Landscape Design

Step 1: Preparation
The first thing you need to take care of is the preparation of your yard. Measure the scope of the area you want to landscape so you’ll know exactly where you should work on. Next, clean up the entire area-get rid of clutter, junk, stones and other objects that can interrupt the process. Get all your landscaping materials and equipment as well so you have everything ready when you need them.

Step 2: Placing the Pipes
The second step is to gather the water supply required for the task. Often times, you’ll be needing some pipes, tanks and drainage systems for your landscaping project, so be sure to have them prepared. Have extension wires, cables and plugs as well to get the water systems up and running.

Step 3: Setting up the Ground
Depending on the details of your design, proceed to leveling out or filling the ground with the appropriate soil type for your yard. See to it that you don’t miss a spot so you won’t have to repeat this step again later on.

Step 4: Installation of Additional Landscape Features
When the ground is finally ready, you can start adding the features you want. Whether you’re installing a fountain, pool, pond, gazebo, bench, statue or footpath, it’s important that you set them up carefully to prevent damage. Placement is also the key to a successful landscape design, so put the features in the right areas to achieve amazing results.

Step 5: Planting Trees and Shrubs
The final step is to plant the trees, shrubs and other flora in your yard. Go ahead and retrieve your gardening tools, put some garden soil and starting seeding in the designated areas. Make sure the plants you’ve chosen are non-poisonous, weed-free and suitable with the climate in your area.

So those are the steps to implementing your landscape design. Always follow them in the right order so you can finish the project in an easy and timely manner.