Simple Gardening Tips For Beginners

Simple Gardening Tips For BeginnersIf you are just beginning with gardening, don’t be afraid for it is not meant to be difficult. In fact, it can be so much fun much more than what you think. If you don’t know how to start, there is always an avenue of knowledge for you: your grandmother to assist you, informational books and magazines to read, and the internet to browse more information.

It used to be that gardening appeals only to the older folks. But nowadays, people of all ages, children, young adults, adults, and old folks alike, they see gardening as a refreshing and rewarding hobby to take. Why not? With all the benefits that you get, your being a busy, career person should never be used as a hindrance to start growing your own plants indoor or outdoor. You will see the big difference when you get to reap your own fruits of labors.

It doesn’t matter what you prefer. Would you like to have a bed of beautiful and colorful flowers, country garden full of wild flowers and shrubs, manicured lawn strategically placed with shrubs and little

Designing the Garden of Your Dreams

Designing the Garden of Your DreamsAs a Landscape Designer, I’m often asked for tips and advice on outdoor living and garden design. The single biggest tip or piece of advice I can give is to arrange an on-site consultation with a qualified Landscape Designer.

But, if you want the satisfaction of doing it all yourself, here are my top tips for designing the garden of your dreams…

Whatever and wherever the setting, landscape design should be thought of as the art of beautifying functionality.

A well designed garden needs to balance the aesthetic with the functional. It needs to reflect and complement the home, the immediate surroundings and, above all else, reflect and incorporate the style of its owner. It needs to: frame the spectacular; hide the unsightly; meet the practical needs of its users; create interest, imagination and enticement; evoke feelings of relaxation, romance, sophistication, elegance and wonder; and add value to the home. It needs to be a highly sensory sanctuary – visual, perfumed, acoustic and tactile.

So my very first consideration when designing any new garden is functionality. Think about how you want

How to Choose Plants for Your Yard

How to Choose Plants for Your YardNo landscape design would be complete without the presence of trees and shrubs. These plants can make your yard more visually appealing, but they can also destroy the design if the wrong types are used–that’s why it’s very important to be careful with your choices. Read and follow the tips given below to help you select the best plants for your yard landscaping.

Pick Plants that Grow Well in Your Location
Trees and shrubs come in different varieties and have specific habitat requirements. So if you want your plants to grow properly, be sure to buy the ones that are compatible with the climate in your area. This way, your plants will match your landscape design and last much longer than non-suitable types.

Choose Plants that Don’t Easily Dry
Make sure that the plants you purchase for your yard dry out very slowly especially if you live in a warmer place. You don’t want them to wither easily because then you’ll have to look for replacements and redo the seeding again, which requires more money and effort on your part.


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Basic Garden Tips For Cool Weather Areas

If you live in an area that has cool, short summers and have trouble growing a garden, here’s a few tips that will help.

First, what is a cool weather area? If your last frost date in Spring comes after April 15th you probably live in a cool weather gardening area. If your tomatoes are not ripe until late August, you live in a cool weather gardening area. Some examples are just where you would expect them to be, San Francisco, Seattle, Lake Placid, NY, the High Plains states. If you live in a gardening zone of 4 or below, you live in a cool weather gardening area. And if your summers have cool nights and are short, you live in a cool weather area.

As you are aware, it is difficult to have a garden in some of these areas. But with a a little planning, you can have a successful garden.

Here are a few tips:

1. Choose the proper plants. You can not grow Okra in Seattle. Or any other plant that requires hot days and warm nights. You can grow tomatoes in cool weather but if you choose the wrong

Organic Gardening Tips

Are you are thinking of starting to plant your own organic garden? If so, there are some tips you need to know. When you think of organic gardening you may think you just have to plant your garden and not use any chemicals or pesticides. There is more to organic gardening than that.

Organic gardening includes creating an ecosystem for your garden. This means that you will need to plant fennel, alyssum, cumin, dill and ammi majus in your garden to attract ladybugs, lacewings and other healthy bugs. The healthy bugs will eat the pests that try to ruin your garden. This is a wonderful replacement of the chemical way to prevent pests.

To help your garden soil feed the plants you want to flourish, you can do so by adding as much organic matter to the garden as you can. By doing this you will feed the organisms in your soil. The organisms break down the organic matter in your garden and this will feed the plants you are trying to grow.

Another excellent tip is to make your own compost. By making your own compost you will help keep your kitchen clean and

Really Basic Gardening Tips

Home Gardening can be fulfilling especially when everything is in place. Whether herbs, spices or flowers you are planting, it is important to know the basic things about gardening from the soil, watering, space and adaptability of plants to cope with different seasons.

While there are many things to consider in creating a garden, as a garden owner, you should have the space for your own garden. It is also significant to have a time table regarding the completion of it. A 100 square foot space is already ideal to start but if you plan to take your garden to finish in two-three weeks, it can be complicated.

As a beginner in gardening too, you should be able to know how to control pests and weeds. When pest and weeds are not controlled it can hamper the growth of plants. Put mulch to within the plants for the weed to grow further. Also don’t let the plants dry out. When summer season, plants need more water often as they could this is to revitalize their roots.

Meantime, if your garden has been finished it is also advisable to put fences on your garden space this

Indoor Herb Garden Tips

For the individual who is beginning to learn all the excitement that can be found in the art of creating yourself an indoor garden of herbs, it should be a rather easy task, and one with much enjoyment for you and any member of your family to be able to complete together if you like.

One of the best parts about this enjoyable and fun-filled hobby is that they are inexpensive to make. Not only are they cheap to make, but also they are very easy for you to be able to maintain with very little effort, and they are not time consuming at all. If you are a beginner who finds enjoyment in this type of hobby, this is definitely the type of project that will help you to get further in-tune with your green thumb abilities.

One of the first things that you need to consider is to keep in mind what the best herbs are for indoor gardens. There is a very wide assortment of many popular herbs that are commonly used like thyme, mint, oregano, rosemary, and even garlic chives. To get these herbs, you can go to your local garden

Home Gardening Tips From an Experienced Gardener

There is so much more to home gardening than simply plugging plants into vacant spots in your front or back yard in an effort to make it look green. When designing the landscaping around your house, it pays to take your time and carefully plan out your project. Putting in the time before you ever stick a shovel in the ground, will help create a beautiful garden that will give you pleasure for years to come.

Once you have a plan, or at the very least, an outline of what you want to accomplish, the next step is to clear the general area that you will be working in and start from scratch. Consider this your “canvas”. Next make a sketch of how you would like your garden to look. This can be a rough sketch, just as long as you give some thought to color, plant height, bloom times, and the zone in which you live.

Make a list of possible plants, shrubs, and trees that you have available. If possible, choose perennial plants. They will be more expensive initially, but will last for years. You will need to keep in mind the maximum height

Plant Pests and Problems

Vegetarian insects, arthropods and mollusks can ruin plants in all sorts of ways and are the bane of the gardener’s life. Sometimes you need to take urgent action, yet at other times you don’t need to bother doing anything at all. This is why it pays to know your enemy.

Identifying Absent Pests

Plant pests work in lots of different ways. Very often you will never spot what is causing the damage. Many pests are at their most active at night, so unless you venture out with a torch, all you will normally see is the results of their work. In some cases this is enough to identify the culprit and take the necessary action.

If leaves have been ‘rasped’, leaving a skeleton of ribs, with perhaps a few slime trails, you can safely blame it on snails. Nowadays they are dab hands at climbing – they will even shin up trees and walls, often going to an amazing height to reach something tasty.

Brassica seedlings with lacy holes in the leaves have almost certainly been attacked by flea beetle. Rhododendron leaves with scallop-shaped bites out of the edges of the leaves will have

Simple Gardening Tips Suitable For Everyone

Not everyone has access to the ground needed to put in a garden. If you’re among them, this doesn’t mean you have to forgo the joys of gardening. Container gardening makes it possible for everyone to have some homegrown produce.

Where to Grow Now

For apartment dwellers, a balcony that has sun exposure throughout the day will work for most plants. Decks and porches are good spots for those who just have small yards. Exposure to sunlight means you can have plants.

The containers you choose to plant in can be almost anything, so indulge your crafty side. Containers should have good drainage and enough space for the plants to grow. Other than that, the sky is the limited.

What to Grow

Most plants can adapt themselves to container gardening. There are some varieties which do better than others. A local nursery can help you choose the best plants for your setting.

Besides the typical plant options, there are some interesting and useful plants you can grow. Herbs take very well to containers. Their use is a convenient way to add bold flavors to meals.

Aloe plants are hardy. The oil

Landscaping Tips for the Springtime

If you are ready to have a gorgeous landscape then you need to follow these 3 very simple landscaping tips for the springtime. The reason these 3 landscaping tips work no matter what kind of climate you are in is because they have been used for many years and have been tested to work, so don’t worry about them failing.

The first thing you need to do before I get into the landscaping tips is determine what you want to do this spring to your yard. If you want to totally redesign it then go for it, if you want to add color then do it, and if you want to just do some springtime maintenance then do that as well. Whatever you want to do this spring is up to you, just know that whatever it is you need to have a PLAN.

3 landscaping tips

Fertilize before it gets too hot

The reason you want to fertilize your lawn before it gets too hot is so that the fertilizer has enough time to stay in the soil without being evaporated by the sun and also so that you don’t have to water

Landscaping Tips For Installing a Fountain

Fountains are usually attached to the backyard and other places where out door activities take place. This is to improve the landscape, build a relaxing environment, and to quiet the noise that is generated during those activities. Birds and other fauna are usually like the fountains much more than us! So, it would create the perfect environment.

Installing a fountain does not need you to be very experienced. Even a beginner is good to start as long as he has sufficient knowledge about the basics of the landscaping tips when it comes to a fountain installation.

One of the first landscaping tips is that one kind of fountain that is very easy to install and does not need to be maintained much is the garden fountain. An assortment of features exists for a garden fountain. There are stores which concentrate on improvement of homes that have the bits and pieces that it takes to build that dream fountain you are looking for. Hence, being a novice does not stop you from installing a fountain.

Some of the basic landscaping tips for installing a fountain are:

First determine where the fountain is to be placed.

DIY Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

Almost all homeowners know that improving their property can help increase the value of their investment. Improving properties can also provide them with a better place to live in. Finally, it can make their lifestyle better. With this said, one of the best options to do when improving properties is landscaping.

There are lots of tasks to accomplish when landscaping. You can create a flower bed. You can plant trees. You can even add hardscapes such as chairs, walls and even fences. With all these in mind, it is essential that you carefully determine what landscaping design will accommodate your needs and complement your house. After creating a landscape, the next thing you need to do is to maintain it. In order for you to properly and easily maintain landscapes, here are some DIY tips from landscaping experts.

Flower bed maintenance

• One of the most essential tasks when maintaining flower beds is to water it regularly. This will help flowers to bloom healthily.

• Deadheading is also an essential task. Deadheading is a task where you need to trim off spent flowers. This will help flowers increase their bloom time and keep them

Front Yard Landscape Tips For An Impressive Garden

Front yard landscaping is an excellent way to boost the appearance of your home. Not only will it add to the value of your property, you also get a fresh look to your home environment and the envies of your neighbors. You can consider hiring a professional landscaper to help you create an impressive front yard if cost is not a problem. However, if you would like to do the landscaping yourself, here are some front yard landscape tips you can use.

1) Perennial plants – These plants can be use to make borders around your garden. They are a great way to define the periphery of your yard. It can make the garden look more organized and neat.

2) Evergreens – These trees are excellent for landscaping. They require low maintenance and beautiful to the eye. You can have a row of neatly trimmed evergreens to form a border around the front yard.

3) Water features – You can add a fountain to create grand entrance or a pond for that calming and tranquil effect. Benched, statues, stones can be added to enhance the theme that you are going for.

4) Lawn –

Landscaping Tips to Make Small Spaces Seem Bigger

Just because you have a small yard, doesn’t necessarily mean you get small landscaping results. When it comes to landscaping ideas, there are many options to choose from without breaking the bank. The important key step is to have a well drawn out plan. This includes having the right plants and designs to flow nicely in your space. One feature that you might have to step away from is anything large like a boulder or pond, due to the size of your space. However, you can still get spectacular results.

Small Spaces

A good tips for those with small spaces is to consider building up instead of building out. How you can accomplish this is by using beds to raise the height of your plants. it’s fairly easy to build one and it will save some money in the long run. Remember, the good thing is that smaller yards typically needs smaller budgets.

Raised Beds and Plant Containers

By using raised beds, you are able to maximize and highlight the plant in your yard with having to plant wide. These beds can be made of wood and can also be made to be movable

How to Implement a Landscape Design

Once you’re done finalizing your landscape design, it’s time to start the process and perform the actual work. Simply follow these five steps below to help you implement your design properly and effectively.

5 Steps to Implementing a Landscape Design

Step 1: Preparation
The first thing you need to take care of is the preparation of your yard. Measure the scope of the area you want to landscape so you’ll know exactly where you should work on. Next, clean up the entire area-get rid of clutter, junk, stones and other objects that can interrupt the process. Get all your landscaping materials and equipment as well so you have everything ready when you need them.

Step 2: Placing the Pipes
The second step is to gather the water supply required for the task. Often times, you’ll be needing some pipes, tanks and drainage systems for your landscaping project, so be sure to have them prepared. Have extension wires, cables and plugs as well to get the water systems up and running.

Step 3: Setting up the Ground
Depending on the details of your design, proceed to leveling out or filling the ground with the appropriate

Tips To Create A Breathtaking Pool

Utilizing around the pool landscaping would no doubt give a stunning look to your pool. This would not just transform an uninteresting piece of patch to be a starry one, but also bring a zest of Hollywood in your backyard.

Give an essence of brick, foliage, and stones!

A fine pool landscaping blueprint would undeniably get your pool in the midst of appeal and create a magnetic lure in your yard. Striking brick walkways towards the yard, around the pool, could be considered in case of bigger yards. This notion could be led to other fractions of the yard too. Patio furniture along with tables and chairs can be placed on larger assemblage of bricks, for that amazing look!

A touch of green patches could also be regarded in pool landscaping. Foliage would add the required oxygen and take away the limestone gaze from the picture. Brick always gives a softer looking touch in the image. It would always ensure a warm inviting look in your yard never getting the standoffish stare within. Furthermore, the greens would double the splendor of the brick as a pool landscaping tool.

It is also suggested that you

Landscaping Tips for Small Yards

Are you frustrated and lacking ideas for landscaping your small yard? Have no fear, a small yard does not mean you can not have a nicely landscaped masterpiece. The main thing to keep in mind is not to overwhelm it. Your yard can still have a water feature, rock garden, etc., you just need to be aware of the size and scale so it does not overwhelm your space.

If you are not looking for a major landscaping project, there are some simple ways you can work with your small yard and make it appear larger than it really is. First there are a couple of things to keep in mind to NOT do.

  • Do not create a solid border along a fence or line the perimeter of your yard with plants – doing so will only create an atmosphere of being confined.
  • Do not use a lot of large pieces – this will only overwhelm your space and make it look and feel even smaller than it is.

So what can you do? Use sweeping, curved lines for your flower and plant beds to help soften the transition to the edge of your yard. Incorporate

Great Ideas for a Beautiful Yard

Did you know that how your yard looks can have a great impact on your home? A plain and unmaintained lot could really make your house seem much less than its actual value, but a well-decorated yard says otherwise. This is why landscaping is very popular nowadays because it can instantly transform your lot and give you a more positive impression.

So if you want to make your place visually appealing, go ahead and use the following landscaping ideas to help you build a beautiful yard with ease:

Following a Theme
First and foremost, decide on a theme that goes well with the overall appearance of your home. You have several options to choose from, such as oriental, classical or even casual designs. Whichever you pick, be sure to apply the design consistently so that your entire lot will look and work as one.

Keeping a Healthy Lawn
One of the best highlights of a landscape is the lawn. Since it serves as your yard’s flooring, it must be kept green and healthy at all times in order to complement the other elements in your landscaping. You can also add shrubs and flowerbeds to make